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About Top Hitmakers: Songwriter Chart

There are plenty of charts ranking the top songs, and the artists who performed them. But only one chart ranks the songwriters that play as vital a role in creating the music we all love.

Whether they are writing lyrics, creating beats, or arranging tracks, songwriters, producers, and composers play a huge part in creating these songs, but too often the spotlight only shines on the performing artist. Our songwriter chart is our attempt to give credit to those hitmakers, and offer a look into the web of creativity that powers music today.

Every week, we rank the top 20 songwriters based on their songs’ performance that week. You can read more about how songwriters are ranked in the methodology page.

Reading the Songwriter Chart

The Top Hitmakers chart showcases the top 20 songwriters from the week. You can see what week the chart covers at the top of the ranking, and navigate to previous weeks using the buttons to the left and right of the date.

Songwriters are ranked 1 to 20. You can click on the songwriter’s name to reveal what songs they charted with that week. You can also share each ranked songwriter on your social channels by clicking the appropriate buttons.

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